What you’re missing-Original demo. Original words.

Camper Van Beethoven Original Line-up. Jonathan Segel left the band in 1988 but rejoined when the band reformed.

No real 300 songs post today. I’m working on a rather involved one at the moment. To tide you over. One of the most controversial of the cracker songs. I mean controversial cause some people loved it and some people hate it. It was the album closer and so it was supposed to be fairly silly.
actually the whole thing is kind of a rip off of the band War.

Which at first seems like a weird connection except that War was a multi-racial multi-ethnic Southern Californian band (with an english lead singer and a dutch harmonica player) that was enormously popular in The Inland Empire where me and Johnny grew up. You can hear the War influence better on this demo.

01 what you’re missing demo

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