Camper Van Beethoven Racine WI Oct 16th. Good Guys and Bad Guys Video


No 300 songs post today. I’m traveling. Instead let’s just have some fun with some jerks first.

This company is buried behind two layers of proxy domain domain registrants. This is for no other purpose to hide their identity and make it difficult to prosecute them for bootlegging. The proxy registration service Whois Guard demands a court order before they will release any information. An unreasonably high bar that is probably in violation of all sorts of ICANN rules. Their web hosting company appears equally sleazy.

These people are blatantly bootlegging artists records for profit. They are selling our shows off this site and paying no royalties of any kind. Yes we have sent the publishing company lawyers after them. I know wilco had to sue them. In the meantime lets fuck with them.

Don’t order anything from them for real. It looks like they do all their responses manually. so just pick something you want to buy. and then just put in a bogus email address. do it a couple of times. Hell do it 30 times if you want. Or just use the web form to write them long notes. anything to waste their time. cause time=money.

I also pointed out to the Zappa estate and Grateful Dead estate that they are being bootlegged. Both of these organizations are highly aggressive

DON’T USE YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS THEY”LL JUST PUT YOU ON A SPAM LIST. was my last order. I’m up to about 40 orders now.


Just a reminder that Camper Van Beethoven will be playing a very special and very intimate show at McAuliffes Pub in Racine WI. Between Chicago and Milwaukee.

Tix available two places.
Rushmore Records
2635 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

or at McAuliffes Pub

3700 Meachem Rd
Racine, WI 53405-4600
(262) 554-9695

Now enjoy this very low tech CVB video from 1987 good guys and bad guys.

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