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   I am David Lowery  singer songwriter and guitarist for the bands Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker.    After 27 years i have decided it is time for a solo album. This is not the end of Cracker or Camper Van Beethoven. I will continue recording and playing with both bands. "The Palace Guards"  will be released February 1st 2011 on Savoy/429 Records.  (It's a real record label and you will be able to buy it in indie stores and of course on-line.)  This page is for the music on that album as well as my own personal musings..
When i say Solo Record i should qualify this statement.  This record was very much a group effort.  Although many people played on this record,  it is largely the work of the staff of Sound of Music Studios.  In particular John Morand (engineer,  producer, percussion, programming, drums), Alan Weatherhead (lead guitar, banjo,  pedal steel.  keyboards, engineer, producer) and  Miguel Urbiztondo-Rodrigues (Drums and percussion).  Without these key collaborators this album would not exist.  There were many other notable guests who lent their efforts to this record, including  Mark Linkous, Sal Maida, David Immergluck, Kristin Hott and Shannon Worrell.  
Finally let me just say something about myself.  I know i'm the lead singer of two bands but I am not very extroverted. I am bemused by success as a musician as it sometimes feels like a cruel hoax the universe has played on me. I am better suited to be the proverbial mad scientist working alone in his laboratory.  i am uncomfortable with a lot of the trappings and lifestyle of the touring musician. I do enjoy performing but I don't party and i'm not much interested in talking about rock music.   I am grateful to the fans who have made my life so rewarding but sometimes i'm pretty awkward when i have to interact with people.  Thanks for your tolerance.